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Piles Treatment

Piles are protrusions of varicose veins and connective tissue around the anal canal extending to inside the rectum.  Symptoms are itching , pain,bleeding and swelling. Hemorrhoids can be internal or external i.e. inside or outside the rectum.





Anal Fissures

A non healing crack in the skin of the anus causing pain during and after defecation.






Anal Fistula

A long standing draining “Pimple” around the anus causing frequent soiling of underwear,itching pain &discharge.






Pilonidal Sinus

Sometimes called as “Haircyst” or “Coccygeal Fistula”. It is an infected tract under the skin between the buttocks.




Other Treatments Available

Laser treatment for Facial Rejuvenation

Laser treatment for Psoriasis and Vitiligo

Laser endoscopic DCR for blocked tear ducts

Laser treatment for Varicose Veins