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Laser Proctologist and Lady Doctor for Piles (Haemmoroids)


Lady Piles Doctor and Laser Proctologist – She has vast experience in her field having worked in India & abroad for over 18 years. A graduate of Guntur Medical College & a post graduate Andhra Medical College. She moved to UK to provide highest standard of Clinical Care in Medical and Surgical. She achieved Membership of Royal College England & did Diploma in Coloproctology & Trained in the application of the Lasers.

Why a Lady Colo Proctologist ?

Piles(Hemorrhoids) is a nuisance disease particularly for ladies as they feel hesitant to share this type of problem with anyone or even with medical doctors. Women experience comfortable in discussing their health issues with a Female doctor rather than with a male medical doctor.

In case you are woman and when you have a piles trouble then come to us proper away! Dr Padma Kiran will offer fine of the fine painless remedy for piles with most advanced laser treatments Dr Padma Kiran is incredibly skilled and specialized in treating piles, anal fissures, and fistula Fissures and rectal cancers.

Why Female Doctor for Piles?

Piles (Hemmorrhoids)is a nuisance disease especially for Women as they feel hesitant to share these kind of problems with anyone and even with doctors. Piles or Hemmorrhoids are engorged small blood vessels lying in the anal canal,whereas fissures are small cuts in the anal mucosa.They are lifestyle diseases mostly occur due to constipation. Women feel comfortable in discussing these health problems with a lady doctor rather than with a male doctor. Because they provide compassionate care in a supportive environment. They understand the unique needs and concerns of female patients.

If you are woman and if you have a piles(Hemmorrhoids) or Anal fissures  problem then come to us right away! Don’t let discomfort or embarrassment prevent you from seeking the care you need. Dr Padma Kiran will provide best of the best painless Laser Fissurectomy for anal fissures. Dr Padma Kiran is highly experienced and specialized in treating piles, anal fissures, and fistula Fissures and Pilonidal sinus with advanced Laser treatments.

Piles though considered Most Nuisance Disease But Still People suffer silently from it due to Ignorance or Negligence

Piles can be treated easily, without cutting, without blood-splitting and without the pain of conventional surgery and the patient can go home an hour after Laser Hemorrhoidoplasty. No need to stay in Hospital.

Same day surgical & Non surgical treaments available. We treat your sensitive problem expertly, with confidentiality & sensitivity.

No Piles only smiles for miles.

Advanced Laser Treatment

Piles Lady Doctor Laser Proctologist

Piles (Hemorrhoids)

Piles are protrusions of varicose veins and connective tissue around the anal canal extending to inside the rectum.

Piles Lady Doctor Laser Proctologist

Anal fissures

A non healing crack in the skin of the anus causing pain during and after defecation.

Piles Lady Doctor Laser Proctologist

Anal Fistula

Along standing draining "Pimple" around the anus causing frequent soiling of underwear, itching pain &discharge.

Piles Lady Doctor Laser Proctologist

Pilonidal Sinus

Sometimes called as "Haircyst" or "Coccygeal Fistula". It is an infected tract under the skin between the buttocks.

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State of Art

State of the art clinical setup in Hyderabad City. It is one of the very few superspeciality Proctology clinics, providing the finest care to those suffering from a spectrum of diseases that includes piles (mulvyadh), constipation, Piles and Fistula (Bhagandar).

Scientific Use of Laser Treatments

We are propagating safe use of Nd-Yag laser, Diode & co2 lasers and their applications. we are members of British Laser association and also European laser surgeons association which stands for research & controlled scientific use of lasers in medicine.

Cutting Edge Medical Care

We aim to provide cutting edge medical care to people from all strata of society, moreover with a gentle and humane approach.

Most Advance Treatment

In a quest to be at par with the most advanced and innovative treatments available of the management of anorectal disorder.

HAL - RAR system by AMI & NEO V LASER system

We have HAL -RAR system by AMI & NEO V LASER system for the treatment of anorectal conditions like piles, fissures and fistulas, pilonidal sinuses.


What Our Patient's Say About Us..!

“Lady Piles Doctor and Gynecologist – Dr Padma Kiran is the best piles lady specialist in Hyderabad. I have suffered with severe piles problem for many months before I came to Dr Padma Kiran. Being a woman I was hesitant to consult the Male doctors to discuss my problem. And my piles problem increased week by week and I have had severe pain everyday and because of which I got used to the pain killers. Gradually I was becoming anaemic, depressed and not able to discuss my problem with anyone. I almost went into depression. Fortunately, one day I was browsing through Google and found Dr Padma Kiran’s profile; I felt so happy for finding qualified piles female doctor; I took an appointment and consulted her and so patiently she listened to all my problems. She was very friendly and so caring! She has given me lot of confidence by explaining every step on how the piles problem can be cured with advanced treatment within less time. I was pleased with her counselling and got ready for the treatment. Amazingly she cured the piles that I was suffering with. And I’m doing pretty well from the very next day!! All my health problems, depression gone in just few days… that was wonderful!!

Thanks a lot to Dr Padma Kiran for all her help & wonderful care”.


Padma Hospital

“I’m feeling so lucky to have a professional piles female doctor nearby. I was 100% cured with long suffered piles. I used to consult many piles doctors but it was all the temporary solutions what I received from them and I was tired by repeated piles. Even I tried many other natural methods for months but unfortunately it didn’t work well for me. And I thought my problem will never be cured and I have to suffer with piles lifelong. It was so painful experience everyday which can’t be expressed. Luckily, one of my friends told me about Lady Piles Doctor and Gynecologist – Dr Padma Kiran and suggested me to consult her. When I consulted Dr Padma Kiran I was amazed with her knowledge, experience and most advanced piles treatment options that are available at her hospital. I got my treatment done by her and my piles are permanently cured; No piles anymore! Finally, Dr Padma Kiran was the only doctor who was able to cure my piles problem; I’m sooo happy for the great doctor nearby our area. Many many thanks to Dr Padma Kiran. If you are a woman and suffering with piles then I would strongly recommend her 100% result oriented treatment for all your piles problems.”


Padma Hospital

“Qualified emergency treatment with almost care is what I got from Dr Padma. She made impossible to possible in my delivery case. When I was approaching my delivery date; suddenly I got severe stomach ache because of Gynec problem which lead to sudden pains and rushed to the nearest clinic and they said it has become complicated and referred me to Padma Hospital in critical situation. Dr Padma attended my case immediately and so diligently she brought everything to normal in just couple of hours. She made my delivery so safely, that I and my born baby both are healthy without any complications. Dr Padma had given me a second life! Thanks a bunch to her.”


Padma Hospital
“I had given birth to healthy baby boy at Padma hospital very recently. Right from my conceived date till my delivery everything went real smooth. Dr Padma Kiran’s guidance on every step lead me to safest delivery on time. Right medicines, perfect guidance, advanced equipment, quality treatment and hygiene atmosphere is what best describes Padma Hospital. I’m very much impressed with Dr Padma Kiran’s hospitality and her care & concern towards her patients. Highly recommend for Gynec problems, pregnancy and delivery. Thank You Doctor Padma Kiran!”


Padma Hospital

Best Woman Piles Doctor and Laser Proctologist

Dr. Padma Kiran is the best lady piles doctor and laser proctologist in Hyderabad and near by Miyapur, Madhapur, Kondapur, KPHB Colony, Kukatpally, Nizampet, Pragathi nagar and Chandanagar. For painless piles treatment consult now: 9290660072 For More Details Visit the Website:Padmahospital Laser Interventions
Piles Lady Doctor Laser Proctologist

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