If you are looking for the best gynaecologist in Miyapur and its surrounding areas then you are in the right place. There are many gynaecologists in Miyapur but you would need highly qualified and most experienced gynaecologist, who can provide you the best and safe treatment for an affordable fee. Also, most importantly the hospital or a clinic that you are visiting should have most advanced medical equipment so that it would help your gynaecologist to provide high precision treatment.

Padma hospital has multi-specialities with 24 hours gynaecology emergency facility provided with latest computerized equipment. And hospital is headed by Dr Padma Kiran.

Dr Padma Kiran Pannem is a qualified and highly experienced   gynaecologist in Miyapur, practicing at Padma Kiran Hospital. With over 10+Years of experience, she is providing best of best gynec care & treatment for her patients.

If you are pregnant then you would need doctor advice and medication as that would help in healthy growth of the baby and safest delivery without any complications. Dr Padma Kiran would guide you on every step, right from your pregnancy confirmation till your delivery.  So, take advantage of this health guidance and procedures.

Gynec problems are quite concerning and that would almost ruin your daily routine. If you ignore the gynec problems then it would lead to more complications and affects your health adversely. So let this not happen. Whatever the gynec problem you have: It might be a pain, infection or a problem of any kind; do not hesitate to consult Dr Padma Kiran to get them treated with highest standard of clinical care-be it medical or surgical management of gynaecological issues and coloproctology conditions. Her vast experience in Gynaecology with the help of latest medical equipment allows her to identify any health issue (related to gynecology) perfectly. Also she is dedicated to provide best treatment to her patients with good care and guidance.

For pregnancy, deliveries, piles problem and any kind of gynec problems consult Dr Padma Kiran for result oriented high precision treatment. No matter your gynec problem is big or small, we treat them all. What are you waiting for? Call us for an appointment or you can consult us directly. We are ready to provide the best treatment related to gynaecology.

Dr Padma Kiran is practicing Obstetrician, Gynaecologist and Coloproctologist at Padma hoispital located at Miyapur, Hyderabad. For clinical consultation call: 9290-660-072

Also, emergency services are available round the clock (24/7).

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