Be Haemorrhoid free

What Should I do?

Be Haemorrhoid free
Be Haemorrhoid free

With almost one in every two adults being affected by haemorrhoids at some stage of their life, there is no longer any need for sufferers to be embarassed or fearful.Follow the steps in this article and Be Haemorrhoid free.

The earliest you seek advice and a thorough diagnosis, the better the chances are that symptoms can be cured with minimal discomfort.

How are haemorrhoids treated?

As a general rule Grade I haemorrhoids require medication only, but grade II to Iv are best treated with surgery. Because treatment and the consequences are often extremely uncomfortable, many patients previously preferred to live with the problem rather than see their doctor.

What’s the alternative?

Now there is another option, instead of painful operations, the haemorrhoidal Artery ligtion and recto and repair system (HAL RAR) from AMl offer safe, fast and effective relief for all of haenorhoids. HAL – RAR is virtually pain free meethod for handling haemorrhoids.

Advantages of Laser treatment of haemorrhoids compared to other methods

Most cases are completed in Less than an hour, patient is up and running immediately after treatment.

Simple local anesthesia with mild sedative, no general anaesthesia or hospitalization.
There is no pain at all during recovery after most laser haemorrhoid treatments, it is only after the few cases of actual

Laser removal of advanced stage haemorrhoids that patients may have experienced mild pain during bowel movement which we prevent by giving them pain medications.

The incidence of post operative complications (like infection, bleeding, stricture, rectal incontinence) is much less than conventional surgery.

The laser cauterizes all nerve endings therefore wounds themselves are painless.

Unfortunately, many patients( and even many doctors) who are not aware or familiar with these important advances in all types of anorectal conditions delay their treatment for fear of pain or embarassment, we encourage you to seek consultation early on,and be haemorrhoid free. you will be surprised how easy and smooth your treatment and cure can be achieved.For assistance call Dr.Padma Kiran clinic.

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