piles and hemorrhoids

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Hemorrhoids

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Hemorrhoids Hemorrhoids, although not a pleasant topic to discuss, are a common medical condition that affects millions of people worldwide. Often considered an embarrassing ailment, many individuals tend to ignore or dismiss the symptoms associated with hemorrhoids. However, it is crucial not to underestimate the significance of this condition and to …

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Piles in Pregnancy

At a glance: Piles affect around 1 in 10 women during pregnancy. It occurs more likely in the third trimester. Piles poses no risks for your baby. Why are piles during pregnancy so common? Any one can be affected by piles, but you are more likely to get them when pregnant due to the level …

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Gynecologist in Miyapur – Dr Padma Kiran

Understanding the Role of a Gynecologist in Women’s Health – A Comprehensive Guide A gynecologist is a medical professional specialized in women’s health, with expertise in female reproductive system issues, pregnancy, childbirth, and various gynecological conditions. Regular visits to a gynecologist are essential for maintaining overall health and well-being for women of all ages. In …

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